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​iPhone 7 Haptic Home Button Almost Confirmed – Release Date and Rumours


Apple is going to reveal the iPhone 7 in just a couple of weeks, and we currently understand pretty much everything about it– from the outer design to the internal hardware. However, a new report has actually just indicated a feature we had actually never even considered. As reported by Bloomberg, the iPhone 7’s home button will not vanish– however it will get a much-needed update, the iPhone 7 haptic home button.

iPhone 7 haptic home button


Sources related to the iPhone 7 informed Bloomberg that Apple will ditch the physical home button in its next handset, and change it with a pad that just responds to pressure. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s exactly what Apple has already performed with its laptop range.

Instead of using a movable, mechanical trackpad, Apple’s existing generation of laptops use a repaired trackpad that relies simply on haptic feedback. That might sound slightly ugly or unintuitive at first; you truly shouldn’t be worried. The innovation in Apple’s new MacBooks offers a seamless experience when compared with the old trackpads, and it’s likely Apple will reproduce this with the iPhone 7.

What else are we anticipating from the iPhone 7 haptic home button? We’ve produced a list of features and reports to be seen in the upcoming iPhone 7.


Apple will release 3 iPhone 7’s this year

This September, we’re expecting Apple to release an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus — but we need to be seeing the release of a new model called the iPhone 7 Pro. Using the just recently released iPad Pro as a guide, it’s reasonable to believe Apple will launch the iPhone 7 Pro as a high-end device.

The iPhone 7 will look like the old 6s

The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s are the most elegant phones, Apple has ever released, and all the rumors we’ve seen, suggest that the iPhone 7 looks basically the same. All the leaked pictures show an iPhone 7 that looks a lot like an iPhone 7; the only distinction seems the removal of antenna lines.

The iPhone 7 Pro will have a dual-lens camera

Reports from practically everywhere suggest the iPhone 7 Pro will have a dual-camera range. The multi-camera technology is supposedly from Linx, a company Apple bought just under a year back.

The iPhone 7 might have NO headphone jack

This rumor keeps surfacing, so it’s really beginning to look as though the headphone jack’s days are counted. First, the code in iOS 9.3 (beta) implied the headphone jack will go, and then a research memo gotten by AppleInsider mentioned that the iPhone 7 will lose its headphone jack– but get an extra speaker like the iPad Pro and the new iPhone 7 haptic home button.

The iPhone 7 should have MUCH much better battery life than the 6s

The Chinese site leaked pictures of what could be the iPhone 7’s battery– and it suggests Apple’s next phone could have much better battery life. The image proves to a battery with a capability of 7.04-watt hours (Wh), which is somewhat larger than the iPhone 6s’ 6.61 Wh. Interestingly, this is practically the same as the iPhone 6’s 7.01 Wh.


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