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5-Inch OLED Display is Highly Expected in iPhone 7


According to, the iPhone 7’s specs may feature a 5-inch OLED display instead of an LCD screen. Additionally it is suggested that OLED might be included in the Apple Watch’s future spec sheet as well.

The Chinese Mac blog reports that Apple manufacturers at Foxconn have received a request that the 2016 and 2017 factories begin producing various sized OLED screens for Apple. Specifically, instructions suggests a 5-inch screen with resolution of 400 ppi. Apple’s current iPhone 6’s display is only 4.7 inches of 326 ppi.

If this is true, then we could see a larger, shaper and thinner OLED displays in iPhone 7. Of course, the spec bump signifies a vast improvement over previous build, so any inclusion in theiPhone 7 wouldn’t be something out of the question.

If Apple sticks with their typical release pattern, we could see the “iPhone 6S” somewhere at the end of 2015. Consequently the iPhone 7 could get to 2016.

With no confirmed news of iPhone 7 arrival, the production date from the first Apple Watch remains unclear. The company officials have expressed hope that the device will launch between early 2015.


Concerning the iPhone 7, rumors happen to be swirling around that hypothetical product for months. Besides OLED displays, past rumors suggest a 3D technology, bendable design and wireless charging capabilities.

Definitely not all speculations are true, but this kind of story suggests that Apple’s iPhone 7 might feature a bigger and brighter display than ever before.


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