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8 Things We Would Love to See in iPhone 7


We can take a calculated guess that the iPhone 7 might get launched in September 2015 as the trend tells about the previous models releases in the month of September. We’ve still have to wait to get a confirmed iPhone 7 release date, so in the meantime, let’s discuss what we expect from the next release iPhone and what we would love to see :

1. Screen With Higher Resolution

The screens of both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have 326ppi and 401ppi respectively. That’s pretty impressive, but the rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S5’s already have much higher resolution of 432ppi whereas Nexus 6 have a whopping 498ppi. Bigger screen sizes automatically demands higher resolution for more realistic and sharper display quality.

2. Lightning Cables That are not Faulty


We all are well aware of self-harming cable of iPhones which don’t come with any warranty. Every single iPhone user is expecting high from iPhone 7’s Lightning cables that should be durable and long lasting. If Apple isn’t introducing wireless charging, it could at least remove the weakness in its charging cables.

 3. Atleast of 32GB version – No more 16GB versions

With the release of iOS 8 it has been clear to many that people with 16GB iPhones don’t get enough free space for after the OTA update of 5.7GB. When the software updates get too large for the 16GB models, there should be no more 16GB models. We expect iPhone 7 to have atleast of 32GB so we can have enough free space for iTunes.


 4. The Awesome Camera Perfection of iPhone 6 Plus


The camera of iPhone 6 Plus camera takes way better photos than the iPhone 6, as the images taken are auto stabilized. But the additional camera’s bit and pieces adds a good 0.2mm thickness in the device. We would like to see the same camera lens and quality adjusted in a thinner body.

 5. Better Performance with more RAM

The current iPhones are pretty good in performance but sometimes Safari reloads the opened web pages when you’ve only a few tabs opened – this clearly shows the phone requires a little more space in RAM to play with. Plus the more apps being introduced like health tracking or other communication apps of your Apple watch would require more RAM with the passage of time.

 6. Built With Better Grip That Doesn’t Slip

The metal of both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are appears to be some sort of super slippery material. A material that human hands find it difficult to get a firm grip to. Although it’s a great news for phone repairing services but seriously it would be really nice and kind of Apple if they re-look this issue during the iPhone 7 manufacturing.

 7. Wireless Charging


Wireless charging still isn’t as widely supported as expected. But an iPhone 7 with wireless charging would be something of a great interest for people if Apple keeps the same charger for iPhone 7 and Apple Watch in the next year.

 8. Better battery life


This point will always be on top of the wishlist of any smartphone, of course, but better battery life requires a bigger battery size which in turns requires a bigger phone size. Higher pixel densities, more RAM, faster processors, create a huge impact on battery life. It would be no less than a dream coming true if iPhone 7 comes with an extraordinary performance, higher density display and an astonishing battery stand-by time and overall battery life.


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