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New A10 Chip To Be Featured In iPhone 7 CPU


Just after a week of launch Apple’s latest gadget iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in smartphone line up, Apple was quick enough to make order of its latest chip for the future successor of this line up. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the authorized supply chain of Apple’s manufacturing parts has received orders of the latest chip A10 for its upcoming smartphones, particularly for iPhone 7 CPU.


It was reported by Taiwan-based “China Times” through G4Games, that Apple will b debuting their new SoC chip named as A10 and has already ordered for exclusive manufacturing. So now, it can be concluded that the latest offerings of the Apple will come equipped with the new A10 chip, unlike iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and TV which features A9 chip made jointly by TSMC and Samsung. The new chip is expected to be based on 16 nanometer manufacturing process which will include the all new “Integrated Fan Out” (InFO) architecture of which we have been hearing since 2014. Info might allow advanced placement to be manufactured on a System in package (SiP) design.

The SiP designed chip packs a whole PC architecture into a single chip by combining together processor, RAM, GPU, logic board, sensors and all other parts which supports in circuitry -more than 30 different components- into a covered package.

iPhone 7 body


Sources include that TSMC will begin mass creating the A10 chip in March 2016. Meanwhile, the organization will keep assembling a year ago’s A8 SoC, which is still utilized as a part of new devices like the iPad mini 4 and the Apple TV. The iPhone 7 ought to be presented in Q4 2016, and Apple’s production network will obviously start stocking up on parts at some time in the second quarter.

Samsung was eventually turned out from the competition of achieving deal for the chip of iPhone 7. It was leading when I comes to 10 nanometer chip based on FinFET architecture but Apple favored the new InFO architecture and handed project exclusively to TSMC.

As per assessments, the speedier processors will offer a speed increment of up to 20%, while power consumption will drop by as much as 40%, unlike 14nm FinFET chips that is used inside the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. InFO architectured CPUs are presumably going to be accessible after a year from now in Apple’s A10 series of chips that may come equipped in the upcoming iPhone 7 and 2016 iPads.

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