Apple Introduces iPhone 7 Wireless Earbuds


More reports are suggesting at the removal of 3.5 mm earphone jack in the next iPhone. According to a new media report, Apple is dealing with Beats, the audio products company it acquired 2 years ago, to establish “truly wireless”. Their iPhone 7 wireless earbuds will feature no wires between the left and right earbuds.

iPhone 7 Wireless Earbuds

iPhone 7 earbuds, which are entirely wireless, will include a noise-cancellation microphone system. The report adds that the wireless earbuds could look like the Motorola Hint. Apple is currently developing the earbuds. As September is the release date. Far, Bluetooth is tipped to be the connection technology utilized.
iPhone 7 Wireless Earbuds
The company supposedly has decided to do away with charging ports on the new wireless earphones, and will supposedly deliver a case that wirelessly recharges the earphones. Tipped to be on board are controls for choosing up calls, triggering Siri, and more.

The report also asserted that earphones will be recommended,  as a voluntary purchase and will not come bundled in the iPhone 7 retail box. The company is dealing with a new EarPods too, which will be included with the iPhone 7 retail box. In line with previous reports, this new pair of EarPods will connect through the Lightning port instead of the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

9to5 Mac also reported an upgrade on the advancement of the iPhone 7, mentioning case makers. The publication claims that Apple hasn’t settled the design of the iPhone 7 just yet. The company currently has 3 different design for the next iPhone in mind among which provides slimmer body, while the 2nd one appears like the iPhone 6s. The latter works as a backup design.

The new earphones might not sit well with users. Amid reports, more than 220,000 individuals have actually signed a petition that requests Apple, to not ditch the basic headphone jack.


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