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Apple Interested in Introducing 3D Display in iPhone 7 [Rumor]


As outlined by Chinese publication Economic Daily News, Apple may be thinking about bringing a glass-less 3D viewing experience to next-gen iPhones, which will be one of the primary selling points of the new devices. Apple wouldn’t be the 1st company to introduce a a smartphone with some 3D features, though such devices haven’t exactly been liked by consumers.

The company is reportedly manufacturing the hardware and software ecosystem to compliment such 3D display features, the publication may seem to propose that the in-cell touch technology used by current iPhone 6 models isn’t well suited for 3D displays.

Regardless of how wild this rumor may be, it was recently discovered that Apple is very serious about introducing 3D display features for its next flagship devices. A patent filed during the early February 2011, and awarded to Apple in late September — called Interactive holographic display device — describes a technology that could provide to display interactive holograms on the device’s display, which anyone could communicate with using multitouch-like gestures.

The display technology by Apple in the patent, utilizes a complex optical system that may create holographic 3D images that is visible with naked human eye, without requiring special 3D glasses.



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