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Apple iPhone 7 Features – Rumors, Expectations And Updates


Whenever Apple releases new iPhone, just after the release, individuals begin to discuss next generation’s iPhone. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus weren’t completely presented all over the world, the speculations about Apple iPhone 7 features have actually begun to drift at lots of innovation blog sites. The iPhone 7 release date according to rumors is said to be at some time in September 2016. However, it partly relies on the sales of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. If the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales aren’t outstanding, Apple might launch iPhone 7 prior to that.

There are numerous reasons that Apple probably will launch new generation iPhone in September 2016 and the release of iOS 10 is the significant factor along with other Apple iPhone 7 features. Apple normally releases its new generation iPhone with newest iOS. The iOS 10 release date is said to be at some point in September 2016 at WWDC conference.

Apple iPhone 7 Features

The iPhone 7 will have integrated projector that will allow individuals to reveal videos or the images on a bigger screen. The new iPhone 7 will not be the only phone including integrated projector, Samsung Galaxy Beam currently sports this feature. Because Apple has actually been bringing development to each device it introduces, we are jumping to have integrated projector feature provided in an ingenious method. Apart from it, there are numerous terrific Apple iPhone 7 features that might develop. Have a glance at all anticipated features:


Apple has actually begun to follow the growing need of cinema phone and we have actually seen the current flagship iPhone 6 and 6 Plus features, 4.7 and 5.5-inch huge screens respectively with a curved design. Every new iPhone apart from ending up being larger in size getting slimmer in depth too so the new iPhone 7 might once again be somewhat slimmer than 7.1 mile-meters and have metallic/ceramic feel body.


iOS 10

The iPhone 7 will be including the most recent iOS 10 which is anticipated to be released in September 2016 at WWDC 2016 conference.




Talking about iPhone 7 camera, the new iPhone might introduce a 16-megapixel rear camera with a 2-megapixel front camera.



Every new iPhone features enhanced processing speed and hardware system. The iPhone 7 is anticipating to introduce Quad-core processor with Apple’s newest A9 chipset that will smoother the whole performance.


Integrated Projector

iPhone 7 is rumored to have integrated projector that will allow displaying pictures and videos on a bigger screen. It can not change the projector, however, can be utilized as a replacement if required.


Wireless Charging

If there was one feature that would get me to update to iPhone 7, it would be Wireless charging. No doubt Wireless charging is offered on numerous Android-based mobile phones presently and has its disadvantage, as the device has to preserve contact with a charging pad to charge the device. It is still more practical than linking the iPhone to a charger using a Lightning Cable.



Like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPhone 7 might include an internal memory of 32/64/128 GB, it is also rumored that iPhone 7 will come with 256 GB memory.



Talking about battery, iPhone 7 might feature Non-removable Li-Po battery with greater 2510 mAh. That will assist iPhone 7 last longer with a single charge.


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