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Apple iPhone 7 Images – Concepts and Leakes So Far


It seems as if Apple has a rough ride keeping a cover on iPhone 7 leaks, as the reports acquired of new iPhone 7 interestingly consist of measurements. The Apple iPhone 7 images suggest that the device will be identical to the iPhone 6, settling in at 7.3 mm, and will drop the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Apple iPhone 7 Images

The most intriguing feature of this leak is that the iPhone 7 display does not seem to have leading or bottom bezels. While Apple iPhone 7 is on the news to be working on an edge-to-edge display, probably for the iPhone 8, we think it’s most likely that the schematics contain an error.

Apple iPhone 7 Images

Credits: @Onleaks

In the leaked Apple iPhone 7 images, it has precise and very same measurements as the iPhone 6, indicating the iPhone 7 being 77.9 mm large and 158.2 mm tall, with a planned density of 7.3 mm.

The leaked images that appeared in early March seem to validate more initial reports declaring Apple is dropping the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and removing the camera bump. The images of the iPhone 7 chassis are presumably taken at Catcher innovations, a case provider for Apple.


Apple iPhone 7 Images
This leaked picture shows that Apple is moving the antenna lines, as the current mobile phone case with a curved antenna along the edge. It could be an authentic prototype as we’re still looking forward to the reported September 2016 launch.

Apple iPhone 7 Images

The iPhone 7 will offer wireless AirPods that connect to the device via Bluetooth, suggesting their integration will depend on a wireless connection. It’s not outside the range of possibility. However, some have pointed out that this will make the charging process complicated.

Apple iPhone 7 Images

Regarding the removal of the home button, it may be replaced with Android-like buttons along the bottom of the phone. The mostly metal design is still undamaged, thankfully. However, the Lightning port has been swapped for a USB-C port, and the rear camera is focused. SCAVidsHD envisions a 2K display screen, a front-facing speaker at the top of the phone, an 8MP front-facing camera and more.

The new product structure of the iPhone 7 body will permit signals to go right through, leading to the better connection, no more requirement for antenna stripes or anything else. The rumors sound conceivable and are therefore most likely to come true.


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