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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Concept Photos – Gallery of Design Concepts


We have found a great amount of iPhone 7 plus concept in the past that have the tendency to outshine others with a bunch of fantastic, ingenious and powerful features. For instance, have a look at this iPhone 7 Plus concept, which can be seen on all the leaked news and rumors that are flying around on the Internet. Of course, the designer went one step even more and added a lot of cool additions to make the overall concept stand out from the rest. Today, we have stumbled upon something unique. Something slightly strange, something attractive. Have a look at the enormously new iPhone 7 Plus concept, thanks to designer Jermaine Smit.

iPhone 7 Plus Concept

Rather than staying with all the leaked reports, the designer went one step ahead with a few features which aren’t available in lots of other iPhone 7 principles. For starters, the iPhone 7 Plus features a USB-C port, which is like Lightning in current iOS devices.

There’s not much to look at to be quite sincere. However, the redesigned lock screen makes us wish we get a major refresh on the previously mentioned front in 2012 from Apple.

However with a lot of refinements. Minor antenna lines are decorating the handset, and the double camera lens system, along with the camera bump, look aesthetically appealing to look at. Props to the designer for including a handful of refinements in this design and not exaggerating anything at all.

The genuine offer of iPhone 7 Plus is, it going to be in various looking handsets. Apparently, they may wind up bearing some minor similarity to a bunch of ideas we’ll see preceding the main statement.


The images illustrate an artist’s rendition of a pink iPhone 5SE besides an iPhone 7 Plus. As a quick backgrounder, the iPhone 7 must ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack for a second speaker. The only question is, will it sport a Smart Connector, or will it not? Or whether or not Apple will indeed be dumping the headphone jack? Regarding overall concept design, like we said, it isn’t that much of a secret anymore.


These renderings seem based on the leaks that we’ve seen up until now, so in reality, we think they’re sort of like cleaned up versions of the grainy and questionable leaked images that have been circling the internet.

The smartphone looks like its predecessors, however among notable modifications in Jermaine’s designs is that he has left out the headphone jack. There have been rumors to suggest that Apple might include stereo speakers to change the location where the headphone jack is, but this is not stated prominently.

Have a look at the images and inform us what you believe in the comments.


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