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Apple iPhone 7 Price – Rumors and Expectations


Apple is well known for their unexpected Innovations, and the new iPhone 7 is expected to be fully waterproof and has the latest Quad-Core A10 processor. The Apple iPhone 7 price will not be much higher than iPhone 6 price.

On top of that, it will have something inspiring built-in Projector. Something that Samsung Galaxy Beam had. However, it wasn’t quite successful due to bad execution by Samsung.

Apple iPhone 7 Price
Apple, on the other hand, has taken this technology to entire another level. This would be exceptional for the users who can share presentations on the go, or you might use this as your personal cinema by forecasting films on any wall.

Apple iPhone 7 Price

The Apple iPhone 7 price must remain in the range of $649 contract-free depending on your area. We are not sure yet about the contract prices as it hasn’t been selected yet. Which contractor would have the benefit of having it first, for the iPhone 6 they remained in the range of $199-$299 depending on storage, so it must be similar to that.

The company is working hard to create the new iPhone as thinner as possible and as the latest rumors, iPhone 7 will be the thinnest iPhone ever with 6.1 mm thickness. The rumors also suggest that the company might ditch headphone jack in an effort of making it the thinnest iPhone.


Apple will use Fan Out technology to enhance the variety of I/O terminals according to news. It will help the device end up being thinner and have more battery capacity. Apart from this, the loss of signals might also be reduced using this technology.

While the iPhone 7 is some months away from its release, the rumors at lots of tech blogs & sites are drifting about the possible features, design, specs & price.

The latest design rumors claims that the iPhone 7 might have a ceramic back like the One Plus X. This could create wireless charging simple to execute. However, it could also make the iPhone 7 look rather different.

The rumor says that the Apple iPhone 7 will use a glass back much like rivals such as the Xperia Z5. We do not think this move will have an effect on Catcher’s profits as glass casing still requires a durable metal frame and sophisticated processing technology which would not be less expensive than the present model.


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