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Apple Launching iPhone 7 and Samsung Could Lose In Many Ways


Apple has actually been relying on Samsung and also TSMC for manufacturing chipsets for its Apple’s iPhone, however basing on a file, Apple can ditch Samsung for TSMC for the Apple iPhone 7’s A10 chipset.

Up previously, both Samsung, as well as TSMC, had actually been making chipsets for Apple’s iPhones. However, new reports recommend Apple has inked a deal with TSMC to only produce A10 chips for the apple iPhone 7 as well as Apple iPhone 7 Plus. While the chip is reported to enter complete manufacturing in June, TSMC is believed to have actually gained Apple due to its 10-nanometer construction procedure, which enables better efficiency and power performance, The Electronic Times files.

Apple Launching iPhone 7

For the Apple iPhone 6S as well as the iPhone 6S Plus and also, Apple sourced the A9 chip to Samsung and also TSMC. Nonetheless, Chipworks disclosed that Samsung made A9 processors are 10 percent smaller in dimension compared to the ones made by TSMC. The teardown additionally reveals that Samsung chipsets are made from 14nm fabrication process, whereas TSMC ones are made with 16nm manufacture process. And while one would think Samsung A9 processors would be more effective, in truth, the TSMC ones turned out to exceed the ones made by Samsung.

This could be a big setback to Samsung, which currently counts higher on its semiconductor and also elements business as its mobile phone division revenues have actually dropped.


Apple Launching iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is anticipated to debut in September, later this year. It is likely to pack appealing set of functions such as the dual-camera arrangement for DSLR-like images, Li-Fi cordless technology, ‘long-distance’ wireless charging and also a bump in storage space ability around 256GB.

The iPhone 7 is additionally reported to showcase a cleaner layout without the unsightly antenna bands, a water-proof style and also get rid of the 3.5 mm sound jack as well. Nonetheless, prior to we see the iPhone 7, Apple is most likely to release a 4-inch Apple iPhone 5se and also iPad Air 3 at its launch occasion on March 15. Apple could possibly likewise introduce brand-new Apple Watch band alternatives at the occasion.


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