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Best iPhone 7 Design Concept of Year 2016 – Video Library


Our iPhone 7 Plus rumor roundup cover lots of ground: a remarkable variety of ideas and tips about the Best iPhone 7 Design Concept have currently been collected regardless of there being months till its launch. For those who do not desire all the information, the following amounts up our ideas.

Best iPhone 7 Design Concept

1) Apple will release latest iPhones in September 2016: most likely 2, possibly 3.

As we anticipated, the iPhone 7 Plus didn’t make a look at Apple’s 21 March launch occasion – rather, Apple revealed the 4-inch iPhone SE. We likely have to wait up until fall 2016 for a new 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, and September is the popular month for an iPhone release.

2) In autumn, we anticipate seeing a 4.7-inch best iPhone 7 design, and a 5.5-inch the iPhone 7 Plus design.

It’s not likely that Apple will make another 4-inch iPhone so not long after the iPhone SE. However, this can not be eliminated completely.


3) After the physically same iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus, the iPhone 7 Plus ought to get a significant physical redesign.

It’s premature to understand what instructions Apple will select. However, it’s most likely to be thinner than ever.

4) Battery life in the iPhone 7 Plus might be somewhat enhanced.

However, Jony Ive’s remarks have made it understandable that Apple does not think about a greater battery life to be worth substantial sacrifices in other locations.

Best iPhone 7 Design Concept

5) Higher screen resolution is possible.

However, it’s a long shot. Of the two best iPhone 7 designs the 4.7-inch system is most likely to obtain a resolution bump – pressing it as much as the very same pixel density (401ppi) as the Plus design – however even that would remove among Apple’s differentiators in between the two handsets. The most likely result is for the 7 and 7 Plus to have the same resolution scores as the 6s and 6s Plus. A more complicated screen product would play well, on the other hand, whether Apple handles to reanimate the sapphire scenario or chooses Corning’s new Project Fire.

6) Please, Apple, please: now it’s time to phase out 16GB as the most affordable storage offering.

(This has now occurred in the iPad Pro line, with the Pro 9.7 and Pro 12.9 both beginning at 32GB). 16GB is no place near enough in this day and age. We hope and anticipate the iPhone 7 Plus to start at 32GB, with more 64GB and 128GB choices. One rumour recommends that, like the iPad Pro designs, the 7 Plus might even go as high as 256GB. With present talks, it appears that Apple will finally phase out its 16GB design and rather have the base model had 32GB.

7) Remaining rumours:

  1. USB-C port? Unlikely.
  2. 3D screen: no.
  3. Curved screen: most likely not.
  4. Versatile display: nope.
  5. Edge-to-edge screen: yes, rather potentially.
  6. Wireless charging: rather perhaps.
  7. Much better waterproofing: an affordable bet.
  8. No headphone jack: rather potentially.

There is a hype in the market for the upcoming iPhone 7 that has termed it as “The Best iPhone 7 concepts” of the year 2016. And when the time come we hope we are not left disappointed. Our fingers are crossed.


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