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Best Reason To Introduce Wireless AirPods in iPhone 7


Apple’s iPhone 7 is releasing this week on 7th of September. Many speculations and tittle-tattle are going around, not only among the fans of iPhone but also among Android users too. Everyone is excited about iPhone 7; people are curious about the specifications of the phone, such as camera, size, RAM and many more things but wireless airpods in iPhone 7 is the next big thing.

Wireless AirPods in iPhone 7

Wireless AirPods in iPhone 7

There is an exciting debate happening between adherents and fans of iPhone, whether the Apple is about to introduce the wireless “AirPods” earbuds or not with the release of the phone.

The best reason to add wireless airpods in iPhone 7 is “Product Signaling” as Apple is doing this for many years to the success of their new device releases and they have done that successfully. Some people are calling it as a risk, but the return of this risk is big, whether it will be a triumph or collapse of iPhone 7.

In our opinion, those cordless earbuds hanging on the earlobes of the new iPhone users will be/is the best part of marketing this iPhone has come up with till now.


Most of the people are expecting minor changes, such as a camera. It is not easy to ditch their iPhone 6S for new iPhone 7, which is not old at all for many of them and performs 90% the same.

But, we cannot underestimate Apple. They have been playing their ‘Product Signaling’ game better than anyone, and wireless airpods  is the best shot of the company so far. This innovation would be the most visible change in iPhone 7. Any phone without wireless airpods will become old, promptly.

Remember, the launch of iPod?


Rack your brains to the launch of iPod, when the iPod launched, it had white earbuds with white wires, the white was unusual at that time, and black was the most common color for headphones. But, that white headphone signaled to everyone. Getting your white wires was like joining the club. Not having white wires meant, I do not have an iPod but that old and off-brand music player. Now, this “Product Signaling” iPhone wireless airpods will be like joining the new club.


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