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Breaking News: Apple’s iPhone 7 Battery Explosion During The Shipment


The launch event of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus does not even past a whole single month, and we are hearing about the iPhone 7 battery explosion news. The smartphone makers just cannot stop themselves from copying each other. Not only they keep copying each other in innovations but now iPhone 7 is copying the battery explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

iPhone 7 Battery Explosion

iPhone 7 Battery Explosion

The image shown above was posted on Wednesday by the Reddit user, named “Kroopthesnoop”. The exploded iPhone 7 Plus is of Matte Black color and it clearly shows in the picture that the handset has been exploded.

For a moment, if we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding issue, it is purely due to the battery defect, which Samsung itself accepted it.

This iPhone 7 Plus exploded during the transportation or you can say during the shipment. According to the owner, he received the iPhone 7 Plus which he ordered, he took it out from the box and this is what he found.


iPhone 7 Explode

Details are insufficient at the moment, but the phone owner claimed that “The iPhone 7 burst during the shipment.” Apple’s has not response publicly and neither has UPS, but they have to look into the matter seriously and investigate what actually happened during the transportation. Even the factory who transported it should probe the incident.

This is just a single incident, Apple itself or the factory will replace the handset. But definitely, there are questions which arise, what if the iPhone 7 exploded again? what if 10 or 15 customers complain the same? is there any battery defect like Galaxy Note 7? What will be the strategy of iPhone now?

The release date has not even past one month, Apple should take this matter intensely and seriously.

Some of the exploded iPhone 7 Plus pictures are listed below.

Reddit user posts pictures of 'transit issue' Mangled box, blackened handset that appears to have exploded. Samsung battery bust shows pressure of innovation iPhone 7 Plus battery explosion

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