The Confirmed Release Date Of iPhone 7


Smartphone vendors can count their lucky stars if their phones are released on the decided date. When it comes to the iPhones, everything seems to have messed up big time. This has been the case for so many years now.

Confirmed Release Date For iPhone 7

There is more to the release of an iPhone 7 than what most of you may think. So, what is the confirmed release date for iPhone 7? The fact that iPhone 7 is the most anticipated release of the year is making things more complex.

Confirmed Release Date Of iPhone 7

Due to this anticipation, fans get high expectations from the company. Since the announcement of iPhone 7, there have been several release dates for the phone. For instance, in April, there were rumors that the phone may well be launched earlier than usual. This had fans pretty excited, and many even started to pile money to buy the phone. Even retailers got their orders lined up for taking orders, and things began to happen. After a few days, it turned out that the date was nothing but a rumor, leaving both fans and retailers disappointed in the process.

Afterward, another release date was rumored to have surfaced out of nowhere. The rumor stated that the phone was to be released in August 2016. The rumor was more consolidated by the fact that at least one company, known by the title “Legend,” had started taking preorders for the phones. However, before you get too excited that your favorite phone is here, and this could be the confirmed release date of iPhone 7, this one was just a specially customized edition of the phone. These phones are not meant for average users.


These are ultra-luxury phones customized with diamonds and 18 karat gold plating. Some models are also equipped with Rubis at the back panel. The starting price for each phone may be $2200 and can reach as high as $3500 for the top of the line phone. However, getting a hold of one of these phones will surely confirm at least some of the feature set of this phone.

Has The Date Been Extended?

Recently, another rumor surfaced that hinted at the delay in the release date. The rumor came from a source that is considered as reliable by most of the iPhone fans. The reason is that this source has been proved to be correct on several occasions. According to this rumor, the iPhone 7 will be launched in at least three versions, the plain iPhone 7, the 7 Pro and the 7 Plus. While the first version, the plain iPhone 7 may get released by early or mid-September, the Pro and Plus versions may not get released until late September this year. Furthermore, the source continues that there have been several issues that the company needs to sort out. These are multipronged problems ranging from the problem of increasing manufacturing of the phones to settling down the company working hours for employees. The latter could well be true as the latest rumor suggested that Apple has been struggling to manage the shipments of iPhone 7 to suppliers, retailers and many online sellers such as Amazon and e-bay, etc.

If this news is true, and the final shipments have actually be delayed for whatever reason, the iPhone fans are in for a huge disappointment. Not just because of the delay, but the company’s own track record is at stake this time around. The intermediate release of iPhone SE also didn’t do as well as expected, another pressure that is making Apple feeling the heat.




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