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Confirmed Specifications Of iPhone 7


If you’ve been looking for the iPhone 7, its release dates and specs, you’ll find a long list of unconfirmed rumors. Some made it out to be the greatest thing since the industrial revolution; others kept claiming it’ll feature technologies that no other vendor has thought about. The fact remains that until the final product is launched, you can only speculate on its specs.

Having said that, there is a list of certain specs that have been almost confirmed. Here, you’ll find the list of confirmed specs of iPhone 7 thus far. Though the list is far from final, the features you’ll read in this blog are almost as good as confirmed.

Confirmed Specifications Of iPhone 7

Confirmed Specifications Of iPhone 7

So far, at least we have a confirmed launch date known by now. The iPhone 7, at least the basic version, will surely be launched in the first half of September. There is a good chance that the date in question is now final as the company has not announced any new plans for altering the launch date, so far. Regarding features, the iPhone 7 will feature mostly the same specs as the iPhone 6 series. However, there are bound to be some differences off course.

For example, the new phone will feature the TSMC produced Apple A10 CPU and a Power VR GPU, a combination that has been seen in many previous iPhones lately. The A series of chipsets are exclusively designed for Apple phones under their own guidelines by third party vendors. This time, there is no Samsung, rather the Taiwanese TSMC. Previously, the chips were produced through a cooperative effort between the TSMC and Samsung but this has since changed. Another difference is the speed and capability of this new chip.


The iPhone users now have a very powerful CPU in their hands that is clocked at 2.37GHz for the base model. The RAM has also been upgraded and we now have a very fast, 3 GB of LPDDR 4 RAM onboard the iPhone 7. This is an improvement from the previous models that had 2GB of onboard RAM. The phone also has a new antenna arrangement and it now offers better signal and band coverage compared to its elder siblings. If that’s not all, there is also more onboard storage with as much as 256GB aboard the iPhone 7Plus version.

The iOS10

The A10 chipset will inject its power into the most advanced and easy to use iOS to date. The iOS 10 is still shrouded with rumors as to whether it will be a part of the iPhone 7 from the beginning or does the company plans to release it as an updated firmware. From all that we know so far, the iPhone 7 will be launched with the iOS 10 out of the box. This OS offers several innovative features such as a sonos style Siri speaker that’ll be intelligent enough to answer your queries. There have been reports that the iOS 10 will also feature an open source code and is now available for third-party developers.

If this is true, it will make the iOS 10 the first of its kind as the company had never allowed outside vendors to mess around with previous iOS versions. Apart from these, the iPhone 7 may have a full metal body with a dual camera set up at the back. There is a light sensor adjacent to the camera sensor and can serve as camera flash/ light diode.

The iPhone 7 is all set to be released in first week of September. To the best of our knowledge, we’ve provided the most up to date and near Confirmed Specifications Of iPhone 7 in this article.


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