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Earlier Than Usual Release Date Of iPhone 7 Expected


According to the sources Apple considering earlier than usual launch of iPhone 7 in the year 2016. Although Apple usually launches new iPhones in the month of September. Four the last four years they have introduced new iPhones in the month of September, but it could be now changed for the new ’iPhone 7’ according to the sources of Apple.

Since iPhone 5 launched in late September, all the proceeding models have launched around in the late September. Recently iPhone 6s and 6s plus launched on Sept 25.

But according to sources this pattern of launching new iPhone in September could change for the next new iPhone 7 and they will launch their new phone earlier from the next year.

release date of iPhone 7

The unveiling of an iPhone 7 on earlier occasions than expected could simmer down the fear that iPhone 6s demand might decline at the end of its product cycle.


Although plans can change as a product moves ahead to market, Apple is seemingly hoping to complete the development life cycle of its iPhone 7 more quickly as compared to its previous years. it is probable to happen that the next year generation handset will have a new appearance as the company has traditionally done with new model numbers.

Earlier Release date of iPhone 7

The main purpose for the earlier release date of iPhone 7 in 2016 would be one way for apple to address the concerns and also it helped them to avoid a year over year decrease in sales as in the case of iPhone 6s.

A reliable apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple also plans to start mass production of a renovate 4 inch iPhone sometimes in the first half of 2016. It seems like iPhone is planning to launch three iPhones in the year of 2016. According to his sources, iPhone 7 series is scheduled to start a little earlier, maybe in the third quarter of 2016 that means anywhere from July to September so iPhone users will get iPhone 7 earlier than usual time.

He also said that Apple is expected to increase its RAM to 2 gigabytes. He believes that 3-gigabyte boost will be exclusive to iPhone 7 plus and for iPhone 7 it will remain as 2 GB in “A10” processor.


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