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Home Button of iPhone 7 – You Can’t Press the New Home Button


Apple is apparently changing the Home Button of iPhone 7 with a digital one, to make the iPhone 7 totally dust proof and water resistant. The tech giant is anticipated to launch its next generation mobile phone, called the iPhone 7, in fall this year and we currently have an idea of exactly what to expect from the premium device.

According to many speculations and possible reports, the iPhone 7 will have little or no changes made to the design and look from the iPhone 6s models, which were introduced last fall. This does not indicate that the device will not come with some considerable modifications made to its exterior. A questionable Chinese rumor website declares to have inside reports of the next iPhone having a touch-sensitive digital home button.

Home Button of iPhone 7

Yes, the standard home button, which has existed in the line of product given that the very first iPhone introduced in 2007, might be changed. This would lead to the front side of the phone being entirely made from glass, without a real hardware button that can be pushed. Presenting a digital button, in place of the existing analog one, will permit Apple making the iPhone, not just water resistant, which would be a very first for the company, however also dust proof. The only thing uncertain is how the Touch ID function would work without the conventional physical home button.


Home Button of iPhone 7

Apple will supposedly use feedback motors and sensing units, like the ones in the Retina Force Touch Trackpad of the MacBook, in the iPhone 7 making it appear like a home button of iPhone 7 exists even if it’s simply a flat surface area. The Chinese website also declares that the tech giant is thinking about coloring the device’s chassis in matte black. This color would be substantially darker than space gray and might look like the black slate look of the iPhone 5.


While such upgrades sound cool, this isn’t the very first time an iPhone was hypothesized to be water resistant. Taking the clickable home button out of the formula will seal the casing through which water might leak in. Hence, the digital impression of the home button will not just bring take the iPhone’s Force Touch technology to the next level, however, will also make the device more resistant to unintentional damage, such as water or dust particles going into the body.


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