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Home Button of iPhone 7 Could Be Redesigned According to These Leaked Photos


The recently leaked pictures reveal a slightly re-positioned front camera, a distance sensing unit and a bit narrow lower and upper bezels on the handset. The Home Button of iPhone 7 will be touch-sensitive which will work faster and smoother.

Home Button of iPhone 7

Recently leaked images suggest that the iPhone 7, expected to be available to customers this fall, will have a touch-sensitive home button. The website holds that a flat, touch-sensitive button may make the device “considerably simpler and faster” to run. Users would tap and hold for Siri, double-tap to see running apps and so on.

Also, getting rid of the button will make the handset much resistant to water. It’s rumored that Apple is working on an iPhone which can be dropped in water without danger of damage.

Apple has been given a grant for something called a “bulk amorphous alloy pressure center” which looks quite like a touch-sensitive home button in the patent description, even to the individual finger pressing it.

Home Button of iPhone 7


In 2014, Digitimes reported that Apple was practicing innovation which would enable the company to ignore the home button entirely and broaden the screen of the phone to make the whole front of the phone available. Forbes states LG is establishing comparable innovation, which would indicate the entire screen could be utilized as a fingerprint reader, including security to the design– and hopes that Apple will use it, or its version.

The iPhone 7 might lose among its regular features, according to a new leak. A raw image, said to be of Apple’s next handset, prescribes that a touch-sensitive pad has replaced the traditional home button. The image reveals that the front of the device is missing out the circular metal ring seen on the present generation. In its place is a control which sits best with the case.


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