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What To Do In Order You Get Your Hands On The iPhone 7 On First Day Of Release


Undoubtedly iPhone 7 is the talk of the town right now. Apple ensured that this is the best iPhone to date. We will tell you how to get your hands on the iPhone 7 on the first day of release.

How To Get Your Hands On The iPhone 7

How To Get Your Hands On The iPhone 7

iPhone is the fastest phone ever as claimed by Apple. iPhone 7 is the  Apple’s first ever water-resistant smartphone, with lightning ear pods, and iPhone 7 will be without a headphone jack, and the camera is dual-lens in iPhone 7 Plus.

How To  Get Your Hands On The iPhone 7

The sale of iPhone is starting from Friday, 16th of September and if you have to get your hands on the iPhone 7, then you have to check the Apple’s store list first. Go to,

After opening the link, you just have to write your city or state name in the search box. Suppose if you live in Chicago, Illinois, then after putting the name in the search box, Apple will automatically search the stores existing in your city or state.


The screen will show you the map with complete address and landline number of the store.

Screenshot of Apple Store

Screenshot of Apple Store

Apple’s Store Timings 

There is an option “view store list” right below the landline number, and you just have to click it, and the timings of the store will appear on left side of the new screen. 

Things To Keep In Mind!

There will be a never-ending queue on the stores; you have to consider few things before selecting an Apple store to get your hands on the iPhone 7 if the area is populated then you should not go there. Find the area where you think the queue will be much shorter than other stores. Go there as soon as possible.

We recommend you to go at least three hours before the opening of the store in the populated area and two hours before if the area is not populated. The struggle is real, but the outcome is worth scuffling. Good Luck!


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