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iOS 10 Emojis – New Emojis To See in the iPhone 7


The new iPhone 7 is expected to come with iOS 10 and it’s coming up with so many new things. The iOS 10 emojis are also the part of it. Apple’s new product is having some new and latest features which will be astonishing for their competitors and their users as well. The iPhone 7 is going to have some now type of emojis this time and some new emoji’s are also introduced in this device. The emojis are used to interact with the other party by showing them your emotion/reaction to the corresponding action/question. 74 new characters have been approved/accepted by Unicode Consortium as the candidates for Unicode 9.0 which is going to be launched in mid of 2016.

iOS 10 emojis are built-in feature of iPhone 7 which is likely to be released in September. There are different kinds of emojis which are integrated this time in iOS 10 for the iPhone 7. Apple has integrated different types of emoji’s this time. Some of them will please you and will be a cause of your amusement. But at the other end, some of them will be there to terrify you like the wrestler emoji’s or clown faces.

iOS 10 emojis

iOS 10 Emojis – New Emojis to Communicate

The emojis are the new way of communication and interaction with other people. That’s why Apple has introduced a new and wide variety of emojis in iPhone 7 which will be pleased by the customers for sure. The iOS 10 emojis introduced by Apple is going to be the blockbusters as the previous generations don’t have a large variety of it. They have to download different emoji’s from various sources. But this time, Apple has played their role very well.

iPhone 7 is coming up with all the new things and features which will surely astonish its users and the critics who used to criticize the Apple products all the time. It’s elegant design and astonishing features will because of amusement for iPhone’s users. It is all rumor around the market about the iPhone about its design. Features and operating system. The time of its launch will clear all the confusions and rumors.



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