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iOS 10 Update for iPhone 7 – What New to Expect ?


Apple has developed iOS 10 – the greatest ever update to its mobile platform, and there’s a lot to yell about. iOS 10 update for iPhone 7 can bring so many new features.

From revamped apps and a feature loaded Messages app to more freedom for designers along with a smarter Siri, iOS 10 has a lot to provide.

iOS 10 Update For iPhone 7 Can Improve Its Features

It’s due for release in the Fall, and passing previous iOS launches that indicate early-mid September, which is conveniently the very same time we anticipate the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to rear their heads.


So what does the iOS 10 statement tell us about the iPhone 7? We’ve got some answers.
OK, this is hardly a surprising one, but if Apple remains real to form – and there’s nothing to suggest it will not – the iPhone 7 will be revealed early in September, carrying the brand new iOS 10 software.


This has been the pattern for the past couple of years of iPhone releases, which implies we ‘d guarantee our house on this being the same in 2016.

iPhone 7 Release Date And New Expected Features

Coming this September with iOS 10 sporting a ‘Fall’ release date, that however seals the iPhone 7 release date for the same time. Usually, how things work is the iPhone is announced throughout the 2nd week of the month and goes on sale the following week.

iPhone 7: touch will be even larger
There was much more performance for 3D Touch during the iOS 10 Update for iPhone 7 and its announcement, which means we can be sure that the new generation of iPhone will also pack the delicate pressure technology – and most likely have much more sensitivity baked into getting the best out of the new software.
Lock screen notifications can provide a lot more info using the technology, while Apple has also broadened the functionality you get when you weigh down on an app icon.

iPhone 7 Would Be The Most Talkative – And Clearest – iPhone
Siri gets even smarter with iOS 10 Update for iPhone 7, and with its now open source nature, we’ll begin seeing it appear in a raft of third party applications.


This could make the iPhone 7 the most talkative handset to date, with Apple hammering home the personal assistant as a vital feature. What’s more, it’s likely that the phone will include much-improved speakers to make sure that if you’re using Siri hands totally free all the time, you can hear her (or his) dulcet tones from further away and more plainly.

iPhone 7: the remote to your life
Apple’s reanimating its Apple TELEVISION remote app with iOS 10 and it’s baking in HomeKit control into the Control Center, permitting you to change lights, shutters, garage doors, intercom systems and security electronic cameras all from the palm of your hand.

Get ready for the iPhone 7 to become remote of your life. We can see extra life control features through new sensors that are exclusive to Apple’s most recent handset– motivating those with older devices to update.

iPhone 7 Would Have Even Much Better Camera
With iOS 10, Apple has completely upgraded its Photos app, with smarter sorting, helpful memories and the ability to edit Live Photos.

It’s shrieking out for a beefed up camera to take complete advantage of all the new features, so we’re expecting an improved Live Photos mode on the iPhone 7, along with some potentially smart AI behind the scenes to recognize everything in your shot before you even press the shutter.



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