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iPhone 6C – Lite Version of Next iPhone with 4-Inch Display & 1GB RAM


Recent Apple rumors indicate that the Apple may be gearing to introduce some serious features and innovation in its new iPhone 7, expected to be released later in 2015 . Specifically, the speculated iPhone 6C and iPhone 7 could provide major improvements for the traditional product formula.

These news, possibly rumors, come through reports found at various Internet sources. According to Focus Taiwan blog, Apple intends to create a sapphire factory inside Henan Province of Central China. Since Apple’s own connections of sapphire manufacturing have faced financial issues, the fact seems legit that the company is investing their resources abroad and the biggest rumor came out that that Apple is planning to make use of this new facility to create durable sapphire glass displays. This can include displays for the iPhone 7 and maybe the iPhone 6C.


The iPhone 6C, last in the rumors discussions could possibly be in Apple’s list. According to unverified reports from a Taiwanese manufacturer, the iPhone 6C, the lighter version of next iPhone might be launched in 2015 and with a plastic body and a 4-inch display. It is less space-consuming than the iPhone 6’s larger 4.7-inch display but comparable to every standard iPhone model before it just like iPhone 5C.

It’s largely considered the iPhone 6C will certainly be a spec parity in the current iPhone 5S model. It could be powered by A7 processor with 1 GB RAM. The exterior could be polycarbonate plastic same like the iPhone 5C. The most expected from version of the next iPhone is the cheaper price tag which should not be more than $200. With the carriers, iPhone 6C might be completely free with the subscription or it could available from lower price starting as low as $100.



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