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iPhone 6C Video Leaked – Possible Features Shown


With all the rumors coming about the Apple’s new product, the iPhone 6C video is also leaked illegally. The new iPhone 6C will be of just four inches as according to the leaked video. This is indicating that Apple is going to launch a new smaller smartphone for its consumers in 2016.

The iPhone 6C video reveals that Apple is going to overcome their former product, which is iPhone 5C which is aged now. The video is apparently recorded inside the Apple’s factory in China. The leaked video has made the critics and other technology websites to rub their chins, though. As this is not a complete deception and not an official reveal by the Apple’s executives.

iPhone 6C Rumors

Once a rumor comes into the market, everyone is ready to catch it up. Same is the case with Apple’s product like iPhone 6C video, which has been leaked in its manufacturing place, a factory in China. The critics are saying that it is a serious question on the legitimacy of the place where the video has been filmed and the person who made that video.

The market giant 9 to 5 mac also breaking some hype related to the video. The iPhone 6C leaked video has made a massive chaos in the market as all the critics and vendors are in great confusion that what is going to be done by Apple in 2016. It can be seen in the video that the speaker holes is very similar to the 4.7-inch phone so it will be before time if we say that it is a small size phone. Moreover, the video doesn’t contain the comparison of victim phone with the other ones.
iPhone 6C video

Identical but Not the Actual

The victim phone looks like the existing iPhone 6S in the video but it will be actually not having the same specs and features which 6S holds. That’s why it can’t meet them in the market competition as well. It’s also a possibility that Apple may launch this handset before the giant iPhone 7. So, we have to wait for the right time and till then we have to stick to the rumors and news about the Apple’s product.


iPhone 6C Video

Watch the video below to see what’s new in the iPhone 6C:


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