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iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 – What Apple is Bringing New in 2017?


The iPhone 7 news are coming in thick and fast nowadays now that the iPhone 6S is seen in the rear-view mirror. Progressively iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 7, however, the rumor mill says that the new design for 2016 won’t be that various from its predecessor as well as a prominent analyst. In other words, do not expect a huge renew inside 2016, and if it’s true that the next major overhaul is the (presumably) iPhone 8S in 2017 then we might be waiting for another three years after that before seeing further big developments!

As bothersome as this sounds, the reasoning is relatively straightforward; the mobile space is slowing down. Mostly regarding market saturation – sales are slowing throughout the market, and this is even impacting Apple now as the firm’s Q1 figures verify. On top of that it’s also a concern about the pace of innovation; for now, it seems there’s not much remarkable new tech Apple Company can review into the latest iPhone though we wait for big improvements in processor, camera, display and battery technology. Today we are comparing iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 7

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 7
The iPhone 6s saw a barge of significant enhancements in some central locations, though a lot of excellent imaging and processing power. Behind this we saw more RAM included (2GB to be precise) along with a little thicker body in general, owing to the addition of 3D Touch technology in the display panel. Thus, although this might seem a lot like in 2014’s model, it does operate a fair bit in a different way.

iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 7

Without additional features, let’s gaze into our crystal ball to see how the existing iPhone 6S will compare with this year’s iPhone 7, beginning with the features:

Current iPhone 6s

Display: 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch 3D Touch, max resolution of 1920×1080
Design: Aluminum body with antenna bands on back
Storage: 16, 64, and 128GB
CPU and RAM: Processor A9, 2GB RAM
Front Camera: 5MP
Back Camera: 12MP, 4K video recording
Ports: headphone jack, Lightning port


Likely iPhone 7

Design: Relatively very same design of the iPhone 6s, though the antenna bands on the back are anticipated to be shifted up to the top of the device.
Storage: 32, 64, 128, and perhaps 256GB
CPU and RAM: A10 processor, 3GB RAM
Front Camera: 5MP with large side lens
Back Camera: Dual lens 12MP (for the Plus model), 4K video recording, optical picture stabilization.
Ports: NO headphone port, Lightning Jack, Smart Connector

As far as specs go you can expect the iPhone 7 to see a new processor A10 and M10 motion-coprocessor. They’ll have no difficulty; be there be a new improvement over the A9/M9 found in the present iPhone 6s. If you pass averages, you can anticipate about a 20% speed bump from the processor.


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