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iPhone 6S vs iPhone 7 – Latest Comparison Between iPhone 7 & iPhone 6s


Many iPhone users might be curious to look into a “iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7” comparison. As to know what upgrades iPhone 7 has to offer as compared to the technology of iPhone 6s. Comparisons between the two phones have been made previously, but there’s some latest information on iPhone 7. Therefore what follows is a comparison between the two phones based on latest information.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 – Comparison Based On Latest Info

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Design And Display

The rumour has it that iPhone 7 will be sporting a thinner design compared to its predecessors which are expected to be from 6 mm to 6.5 mm thick; iPhone 6s being 7.1 mm thick and iPhone 6s plus being 7.3 mm thick. If this happens to be true, then so far iPhone 7 will be the slimmest phone produced by Apple. Alongside this, the new slim and sleek IPhone 7 will shift to glass-on-glass display panel from its in-cell display panel technology; Apple had been using glass on glass display prior to introducing in-cell display in IPhone 5. The latter has a thinner glass, and its production is more intricate compared to the former. Whereas the former’s production is not only easier, rather it will also allow Apple to upgrade its display to higher resolution, which was difficult to be done with in-cell displays it was using.
Furthermore, in this competition of iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7, the latter will easily beat its predecessor by its higher resolution of 2560 x 1440; a QHD display!

Water Resistance

iphone 6s vs iPhone 7

According to the latest news, it seems that in this iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 comparison, iPhone 7 would knock out iPhone 6s with a clean sweep. As Chinese sources say that iPhone 7 would be a water resistant smartphone. Therefore, Apple’s also planning on using a non-metallic body, presumably plastic material.


Camera and Processor

Rumours are that iPhone 7 will stick to a 12MP back camera. But would have a 8MP front camera. However, it’s 12MP camera will support Optical Image Stabilizer and 4k video recording.
Regarding processors, iPhone 6s has a LTE chipset by Qualcomm, whereas according to latest information iPhone 7 might host an Intel LTE processor.


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