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iPhone 7 Will Have 21MP Camera of DSLR Quality [Rumor]


The new report verifies that iPhone 7 will have a huge improvement over the camera of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is also said that it will be the revolutionary camera jump in the history of all iPhones.

As Daring Fireball’s ,John Gruber personally reported that a source confirms that iPhone 7 camera will have a two-lens (Dual lens) system that will allow users to acquire images with the quality same as of DSLR’s.

It is said to be “The Biggest Camera Jump Ever” .



HTC One M8 also has a dual lens camera in it, but it was certainly not well received because of HTC’s low resolution sensor. However, it did not lived to an expectation. Well it is a fact that it did used the additional depth sensor to create a depth of field effect, which is what Digital SLR cameras is all about. The variation was that Actual Digital SLRs do it because of its equipment level, while HTC did it with software algorithms.


As the Apple’s sensor supplier Sony recently launched its new sensor technology and we can assume that Apple is going to use it in its new iPhone 7, It is a brand new 21-megapixel sensor using a 1 or 2.4-inch measurement, turning it into really compact version which will be intended for Apple to experiment with its setup. Apple is also looking forward to intentions for interchangeable digital camera lenses, by which users will be able to change focal-length accessory lenses to gain Digital SLR like depth-of-field.



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