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iPhone 7 3D Touch – No Improvements Are Expected


The iPhone 7 3D Touch feature could be expanded to introduce more new ways to navigate the phone, and that feature senses how much pressure is applied to the screen in order to execute different commands.

iPhone 7 release date is yet not finalized but there are a lot of rumors revolving around. According to some commentators, the new way to interact with Apple’s handsets that were introduced on the iPhone 6S could be more desirable.

The idea that 3D touch could gain more functionality on the iPhone 7 stems from the buzz that Apple is testing five different handsets, one of them equipped with the news category of 3D touch. Inc suggests that this tech will be amazing. A person can delete the email by holding down two fingers on the screen. Multi-touch pressure could introduce some new elements to games and apps.

iPhone 7 3D Touch

There Would Be No Improved iPhone 7 3D Touch

Every one of us was hoping some new innovations in the upcoming iPhone 7, especially new 3D Touch technology. According to the new research reports which are published by the most trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.


According to him, the new 3D Touch technology won’t make any impressive improvements. He thinks that it is the similar technology and structure which already existed in iPhone 6 and 6S plus. Although the upcoming iPhone 7 will have the upgraded A10 chip and 3GB onboard RAM.

Another interesting fact according to the new reports is that Apple has opened a secret lab focusing on developing the new display tech. Although lab is focused mainly is to make the iPhone 7, slimmer, brighter and more efficient for the iPhone users.


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