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iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S Both Will be Released in 2015


It may be rather groan-worthy to hardly have the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on store shelves and be preaching about the successor model, the iPhone 7, that is just the character with the rumor mill these days. Apple’s established a practice of launching 1 or 2 handsets each and every year, and perhaps they are always planned with plenty of forethought, and then we knew it absolutely was coming and not as surprising the rumors have started already. Legitimately, if something they are a little late, as we had been already listening to the iPhone 6 before the iPhone 5S even launched.

The company’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus continue selling well, breaking Apple’s previous iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c records and securing the firm a 40% business while in the UK, based on survey firm Kantor Worldpanel ComTech. Both devices scored solid ratings in this tests but, for many people, the iPhone 6 Plus is the main one the majority of people really should be bothered about and the explanation for this is certainly simple: its battery standby time is PHENOMENAL.

iPhone 7 Release Date in 2015 – Staggered with iPhone 6s Launch?

Reports suggest Apple is considering halving its smartphone update cycle in 2015, that means we would be seeing two iPhone launches in an year. It’s claimed the firm is potentially prepping the release of just one version – the iPhone 6s – alongside the Apple Watch during the earliest one half of 2015 after which it another – the iPhone 7 – while in the iPhone’s usual late-Q3 launch spot; around September of 2015.

iPhone-7-Release Date

Earlier reports have claimed Apple is trying to discontinue the iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s, with creation of the handsets winding down while in the other half of 2015.


“The newest schedule is predicted to stagger the releases of two devices in 2015 to capitalize on sales,” reports The Mail Online. “Apple might release the iPhone 6S to opportunity seekers that upgrade to a somewhat cheaper model, before releasing its flagship iPhone 7 while in the autumn.”

As outlined by reports from China (Weibo and GizmoChina) Apple is gearing around to begin mass creation of the iPhone 6s in June 2015 with the purpose of having 230 million units wanting to ship after its usual launch in September. The reports also restates previous rumors that Samsung will produce the brand new A9 chipset for Apple on its 14 nanometre FinFET manufacturing process, and this the brand new model will pack 2GB of RAM alongside pressure-sensitive touch control capabilities.


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