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iPhone 7 Antenna Leaks Shows New Design


The image plainly depicts a 4.7 inch iPhone 7 back casing. The most apparent change is the upgraded iPhone 7 Antenna. Rather than extending lengthways throughout the primary body of the phone like in the present model iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 antenna lines are smooth and thin in size. The white antenna lines are only visible at the top and bottom edges of the iPhone.

iPhone 7 Antenna Leaks

The picture also highlights the camera modifications Apple is predicted to unveil. The 4.7 inch iPhone 7 includes a substantially bigger camera hole, about 25% wider in size compared to the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s, which suggests a quality camera upgrade of some kind although precise information is rare. The megapixel count is not surely going to raise.

Apple may opt to keep the megapixel same while letting the sensors take in a lot more light to achieve great photos. The 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus is reported to feature a dual-camera part system which will take even much better images, thanks to the larger sensors. One rumor showed that the 7 Plus dual-cameras are a set of twin 12-megapixel sensing units.

Apart from what can be seen in the most recent picture leaks, there has been a review of other reports with modifications and new features for the iPhone 7, in which, the controversial one is the removal of the headphone jack. Apple will rather rely on Lightning cable earphones or Bluetooth wireless earphones for audio output. Rather of a 3.5 mm jack, users will discover an additional speaker grille present on the bottom side of the item.

iPhone 7 Antenna Leaks


There has also been much news about a new Home Button; Apple is expected to drop the physical click button for a capacitive touch-sensitive spot. This will make the button flush with the rest of the bezel and change a common point of failure for the iPhone repairs as the Home Button fails a lot. Apple might use its Taptic Engine to imitate physical presses, in a similar style to the functions of the Force Touch Trackpad.

It also eliminates another hole from the frame which ties into another rumor that the iPhone 7 will be water resistant and dust-proof for extra flexibility. By getting rid of openings like the headphone connection and Home Button, it’s easier for Apple to seal the device completely from the outdoors world. With rivals offering waterproof products for a few years now, it makes sense that Apple Company would join in, without sacrificing the visual appeal and simpleness of the iPhone design.


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