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iPhone 7 Availability On AT&T – Preorder And Updates


Apple’s iPhone 7 has been released. The sale will start from 16th of September. But, thanks to iPhone 7 availability on AT&T that now we can pre-order iPhone from AT&T from 9th of September.

iPhone 7 Availability On AT&T

iPhone 7 Availability On AT&T

AT&T is one of the prime carriers of the USA, and it is the second largest carrier regarding coverage area after Verizon Wireless. Those who wants to obtain iPhone 7 as soon as possible then pre-ordering is the best option available for any iPhone enthusiast.

There will be a never-ending queue at Apple’s outlets, and you may never know when your turn comes, but it will make you exhaust and dog-tired.

AT&T is saving you from all this by starting pre-ordering of iPhone 7 from 9th of September. AT&T is available with several financial options to suit everyone plan. The attractive and dedicated feature of AT&T is ‘Next’ for pre-orders with trade-in feature and on-contract purchase of smartphones.

AT&T Next

If you are an old shopper of AT&T and have a satisfactory record of credit in it, then you can get the optimum use of this feature to pre-order latest iPhone 7. AT&T call these buyers as ‘well-qualified buyers.’ But, you need to have a satisfactory record with the company to come under this list. But then the question arises, can new customers take advantage of this feature? The answer is yes, it is not solely for so-called ‘well-qualified buyers”, a new client can also capitalize on this feature.


Payment Methods

There are three methods of payment, and they are expected to be available for iPhone 7 as well.

Monthly installment

In this approach, you just have to pay the sales tax at the time of pre-ordering, you will get the iPhone 7 for free with the monthly payment.

Pay 30%

In this option, you have to pay 30% price of the smartphone with sales tax as down payment, and you will get moderate or lowest possible monthly installments. People prefer this option because they do not want to spend a full amount at that time.


This option is also known as the exchange offer. You just have to give your old iPhone and get the brand new iPhone after paying the difference. But, the time limit is there, you will only be qualified for the trade in after a particular period fixed by AT&T.

AT&T Two Years Agreement

You can also pre-order iPhone 7 with a standard two years contract of 24 months, as every other carrier is offering the same, during this 24 months period you have to pay equal monthly installments.

Full Upfront

As the heading suggests, you will have to pay the total amount to pre-order iPhone 7, and you will get the device. You do not have to worry about installments every month. Just pay and forget.

How To Pre-Order iPhone 7 On AT&T

You can pre-order directly from the AT&T or the official website. The iPhone 7 will be available to pre-order from 9th of September.


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