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iPhone 7 Availability On T-Mobile – Preorder And Updates


Apple’s iPhone 7 has been released yesterday, and the sale of iPhone 7 will take place on 16th of September, but you do not have to wait until that date because iPhone 7 availability on T-Mobile is there for you to pre-order iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Availability On T-Mobile

iPhone 7 Availability On T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the third largest major carrier of the USA with 67.5 million customers according to the survey happened in the second quarter of 2016 but on the report of Consumer Reports, they named them as the number one American wireless carrier. The pre-orders of iPhone 7 on T-Mobile commencing from 9th of September.

They are the top carriers in the USA which comes in the list of major carriers like Verizon Wireless and AT&T. This company has already beat Sprint in the number of users, and it is a threat to other top two carriers.

How To Pre-Order iPhone 7 On T-Mobile

You can count yourself lucky if you are already a customer of T-Mobile because they will be presenting three different and attractive ways of a contract to pre-order iPhone 7 for their old clients. Wait, the new shoppers are also hailed by T-Mobile, with a discount on data packages and line rents, along three purchasing deals available for their customers. The deals are elaborate below.


Jump! On Demand

Jump! On Demand, is the most recent and greatest buying deal by T-Mobile, this deal is available for both current and new users. You can pre-order iPhone 7 with zero upfront payment with the help of this feature. The best thing about this function is that you can trade in your iPhone 6s to get any smartphone or iPhone 7 without paying any difference. The new users can also trade in their iPhone 6s or any other iPhone model to pre-order iPhone 7. But in the background, the company will charge the difference in monthly bills.


The predecessors of Jump! On Demand, this option is still available and attaining concentration. This option is only available for the current customers, who have paid off at least 50% of their any contract with T-Mobile. Which means, if you got the iPhone 6s on the opening day of the release on T-Mobile, then you are eligible to pre-order new iPhone 7 just by trade in without any upfront charges.


Another option for current T-Mobile users who have passed a year of their contract. It also empowers you to trade in your smartphone after six months with entry level smartphone, not with premium models. iPhone 7 will not come with this tag, only users who have passed 12 months of contract can pre-order iPhone 7.

Where to Pre-order

It is simple! You just have to visit any T-Mobile outlet or their website to place your pre-order when it is available. You will have options to select your favorite color and storage.


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