iPhone 7 Battery Life – Improvements with EMI Shielding


Apple is going to announce big improvements in iPhone 7 Battery Life, expected to be released in September 2016. With the improved battery we are also going to see better Wifi connectivity.

According to the recent news about the release of iPhone 7 with much more improvements in all specific fields of this phone as compared to all the other phones models.

iPhone 7 Battery Life

EMI Shielding Effect on iPhone 7 Battery Life

According to the latest updates, Apple will be adding EMI shielding on the iPhone 7 major chips whereas earlier it covered the phone PCB and connector with that shielding. EMI basically stands for the Electromagnetic Interference and which provides shielding that is highly beneficial.

Keeping the health of its users on preference it has the certain type of shielding inside iPhone 7 that reduce the chance of being slowly cooked during talking on the Smartphone.


The most important thing is that this EMI shielding across the major chips will greatly improve iPhone 7 Battery Life and WiFi strength. Therefore, eventually less power would be required in order to boost complete signals which will at the end of the day improve the battery life.

It is still not known that whether this shielding in iPhone 7 will turn out to bring any appreciable difference in the total cost of producing every single phone. But it’s quite a difficult to say anything at this point.

iPhone 7 is releasing in a revamped design in two different sizes and hopefully, Apple will continue to upgrade the trends as they had done earlier.

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