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iPhone 7 Battery Life and Improvements


Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 might lastly resolve a concern that iPhone users have been clamoring for several years mediocre battery life. According to a new report from the Chinese site MyDrivers, a marked increase from the company’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus designs which feature 1715 mAh and 2750 mAh batteries, respectively. While this is certainly encouraging, it’s crucial to mention that a larger battery doesn’t necessarily lead to improved battery life. The iPhone 7 Battery Life can be pretentious, by any variety of elements, and it’s totally possible that the bigger battery may merely be essential to represent more power-hungry hardware.
iPhone 7 Battery Life

iPhone 7 Battery Life

If there is any idea of reality to this rumor, it maybe shows that Apple isn’t really unconcerned to the bunch of user grievances surrounding iPhone 7 Battery Life concerns. Despite Jony Ive’s seeming fixation with creating thinner gadgets, iPhone users, for several years on end, have all screamed in unison that they’d rather have a device with more robust battery life than a thinner type aspect. On an associated note, if only next generation iPhone to impart superior battery life is the iPhone 7 Plus, it’d be annoying to see Apple blatantly hinder the total user participation on other iPhone versions in an attempt to channel users to a higher-margined device.

On another note, the report includes that the iPhone 7 Plus may be offered with a 256GB storage alternative. Especially, the report doesn’t attend to whether or not Apple’s lineup of next generation iPhone designs will still include 16GB of base level storage. As it stands today, Apple’s flagship iPhone designs are offered in 16, 64, and 128GB storage.

When it comes to other iPhone 7 reports we have actually seen over the few past weeks, that one rumor spread up just recently recommends that the Apple’s next generation iPhone may be waterproof.



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