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iPhone 7 Battery May Disappoint Apple Users


News of iPhone 7 sporting a bundle of new upgrades and features is all around the web. However, a recent rumour circulating around tech geeks is rather a disappointing one. It’s being said that Apple won’t be introducing a new iPhone 7 battery as expected earlier. Rather it will sport the same iPhone 6s battery. This move could be due to Apple’s plan on saving production costs so that the company can spend more on new upgrades for the next generation technology.

No Upgrade For iPhone 7 Battery


iPhone 7 is rumoured to introduce several upgrades, such as an A10 processor, a wireless charging pad, front facing speakers and an 8MP camera for perfect selfies. With all these specs and a slim 6mm to 6.5mm thick body, it would be difficult for Apple to squeeze in a larger battery in iPhone 7. Besides this Apple has no plans to shift from LCD to AMOLED displays. While renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the only way of enhancing iPhone 7 battery life would be to shift from LCD to AMOLED display panel which is a less battery consuming technology.

Will This Affect iPhone 7’s Performance?

iphone 7 battery

The question is, will iPhone 7 battery turn out to be a big disappoint for Apple users? Will the performance be up to the standard that we expect from Apple? These questions are very likely to cross one’s mind. Previously as well, iPhone 6 had a larger battery unit of 1,810mAh, than its successor iPhone 6s, which sported a smaller battery unit of 1,715mAh. What saved iPhone 6s from being a flop, was its high-end processor A9, which being a powerful and less power consuming technology stabilised the overall performance. However, if Apple does not have a plan up its sleeves, then this time a similar strategy won’t help Apple from disappointing its user. We do hope that a good update on iPhone 7 battery is heard soon. Apple just can’t risk its much awaited next generation smartphone to be a disappointment. As it seems Apple is trying to catch up with other brands like Sony and Samsung by introducing water resistance and wireless charging features.



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