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iPhone 7 Might Come with Built-in Projector & Facial Recognition


iPhone 7 rumors show that the device may include several previously unseen features such as a built-in projector, facial recognition as well as a vastly improved camera.

The news explored a while ago through the popular mobile blog, Patently Apple. In the mid of 2013, it was discovered that Apple is probing into a technology that they call Projected Display Shared Workspaces. While the naming of the feature sounds a little bit clunky, the essence is it enables various iOS devices to project their displays onto any surface.

With many years passed to build up said technology, discussion has now heated that the iPhone 7 might have a built-in projector such as the one described. That being said, Galaxy Beam by Samsung was marketed on much the same premise and didn’t get successful. Regardless, Apple certainly has a strong past of using brand capability reinvent the old ideas. With that in mind, it could be possible to see the trend continuing with the iPhone 7’s rumored projector feature.

The other important rumor is about the the iPhone 7 facial recognition technology instead of the Touch ID home button. Apple might offer those enhanced biometrics features in the next phone. Facial recognition , so far, contains a 95 percent success in correctly identifying the owners. Surprisingly, that stat suggests better results in effectiveness than tracking users by fingerprint.



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