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iPhone 7 Camera Improvements – Major Upgrade Expected


As days are passing, speculations around iPhone 7 are making new levels. This time too, we got a speculation about iPhone 7 camera improvements. iPhone is always regarded as best when it comes to the camera. It does face tough competition in the market. But its competitors are unable to keep back to back success. Where iPhone’s camera quality is best from the very first generation to the current.

Apple’s successive performance in camera department certainly means we are going to see another great shooter in upcoming iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Camera Improvements

iPhone 7 Camera Improvements – Expected Features

According to InformationWeek, Following are the features which are expected to be equipped in iPhone 7 camera.

Optical Zoom


Option to zoom in or out while taking a photo or recording video is available. But, through software trickery. In real, the camera in your smartphone is doing nothing.  It’s the software which is making the image larger. This results in loss of pixel, detail and quality. But iPhone 7 camera is expected to feature optical zoom feature. Through which camera itself will adjust its lens to zoom in or out without any loss of pixels.

Improved Low-Light Photography 

Apple is rumored to adapt the sensor technology it will be using in iPhone 7 camera. This will improve the image quality in low-light conditions. The new sensor will allow more light to go through. This will make the image look brighter.

Dual Shooting Mode 

Dual shooting mode is not a new feature. This is already featured in current smartphones. Some use them to create 3D images while other do so to blur the background. But Apple as always, is anticipated to use it in another creative way. Maybe the dual shooting mode allows iPhone 7 camera to differentiate between background and foreground or to counter the effects of scenarios. However, the highly speculated use of it could be to improve the HDR feature. HDR in current smartphones also uses software trickery, but Apple is reported to make it real too. Same as it will be doing with the zooming.


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