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iPhone 7 Changes Leaked Photos Revealed – More Photos


Another day, we got one more iPhone 7 changes leaked. This time around, word has it that Apple may be making some under-the-hood adjustments to the upcoming version to include various other components that might debut on the iPhone 7.

Photos presumably showing the Apple iPhone 7 backlight and it also discloses several distinctions when compared with the iPhone 6S that can certainly bring a series of changes to the 2016 model.

iPhone 7 Changes Leaked

Information is not readily available today, yet a photo released by the source mentioned above shows the present and the upcoming Apple iPhone alongside, it reveals that Apple is relocating some of the connector wires from the left side to the opposite side.

iPhone 7 Changes Leaked

While this might not seem such a large offer at the first glance, these changes could be an indication that the Cupertino-based company is planning more under-the-hood adjustments required by new or upgraded components that have a different size on the upcoming version.


iPhone 7 Changes Leaked
Rumor has it that the next Apple iPhone would certainly be thinner, so altering the placement of this specific components may be required. At the very same time, a larger battery could likewise debut on the Apple iPhone 7, as well as this is the component consuming the most space and while reassessing the layout of elements is a must.

Possible Launching In The Summer

The next-generation Apple iPhone could arrive faster compared to its anticipated date as some sources think that Apple is preparing to bring the device out in the summer season instead of the common September release day.

While this hasn’t yet been validated, the report makes good sense up to some degree since Apple would because it can get greater sales in the fall, but on the other side if the phone is introduced during this season, it could result in less interest among people all over the world.


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