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iPhone 7 Chassis Mold Leaked Image Shows Smooth Back


We’ve seen rumors and analysts’ opinions that Apple is playing about with different positioning of the antenna strips on the upcoming Apple iPhone 7, as well as, if this claimed the photo of the prototype framework is any type of indicator, those might have had some advantage. The image iPhone 7 chassis mold you see is claimed to be coming straight from the Foxconn assembly lines, where different future, iPhone 7 versions are typically made in small batches to examine their production practicality, yet still, the shot right here may be a hint regarding where the basic design of the next iPhone is going.

iPhone 7 Chassis Mold

As you could see, the plasticky product, which is a lot more conductive for electromagnetic radiation, is moved to the edges as opposed to dividing the back in an unpleasant way like on present iPhones, but the edges are still very rounded.

iPhone 7 chassis mold

It’s not surprising that Apple will be transforming the iPhone 7 style, as that’s exactly what it does every other year, but it will relatively still be made out of metal, no experiments there. In addition, there are rumors that Apple will certainly slim down the iPhone 7 down to 6.1 mm, so if all the conjecture regarding it pans out, the iPhone 7 would certainly be a lot slimmer and elegant compared to its older version, with the thinner body framework and also smooth back.



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