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iPhone 7 Colors – What Color Options Do We Have?


Apple has great objectives on attracting a particular customer base, and with the upcoming iPhone 7, it resembles women will get to pick a new and distinct color. Pink is on the horizon to be contributed to the iPhone 7 colors and will be included along with silver, space gray, gold, and dark blue. The existing iPhone 7 reports come as not a surprise, particularly considering this is a big untapped market.

iPhone 7 Colors

Women consist of over 50% of the mobile phone market, when taking a look at all the ways of bringing out new accessories for females such as colored phone cases, rhinestones, and far more including pink would be an excellent choice. Apple has ended up being referred to as among the most original tech producers, and the addition to the currently remarkable lineup of Apple iPhone 7 colors would be a big success. The days of needing to purchase a pink case are all but over, at least when the pink iPhone 7 is released.

A pink colored model is expected to release on the launch date with models having all the readily available colors.

iPhone 7 Colors

The Plus sized iPhone has removed in appeal, and the 7 Plus is anticipated to obtain a few more inches added. The price is predicted to be in between 600 to 700 dollars. From the amount point of view, Apple will continue to keep the iPhone 6, while using iPhone 7 would be a replacement for the outdated iPhone 5S and ceased iPhone 5c.



The newly introduced gold color of iPhone 6 and 6s was the most liked color. It is believed that if iPhone 6s and 7c’s color achieve success, then the next iPhone 7 might be released with a new color design, we anticipate have five colors of the iPhone 7 design.


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