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iPhone 7 Colours – New Deep Blue And Space Black


Typically, Apple is the most predictable company in consumer tech. Every year they do the same thing at the same time. iPhone launches their new phones at the end of every summer; the earning reports release at the same time and even an iOS beta release every two weeks at the exact time.

The customer would not expect anything new other than new phones and upgrades, but now Apple is breaking their tradition. After introducing Rose Gold hue last year, which was a big hit, Apple is likely to introduce some new iPhone 7 colours this year.

iPhone 7 Colours

So many rumors are going around, the gossips and speculations include, iPhone is coming up with a dual-lens camera which may give DSLR-like experience, it may come up with wireless airpods, it may be water resistant and so on. But, strong rumors suggested that iPhone is coming up with one or maybe a couple of new colors.

iPhone 7 Colours – What’s New?

Rumours coming from different sources, says, this time, Apple will introduce some deeper shades, the color of new iPhone 7 would be either deep blue or black.


More people are rooting for the deep blue color while black colors have some fans too on social media.

Black Color iPhone 7

But, the recently leaked pictures of iPhone suggested that the new color of iPhone 7 is black. The new color looks like glossy and matte shades of black in the leaked pictures. But, how exactly it would be looked alike? Some of the blogs and the users of Twitter shared this.

iPhone 7 in Glossy Black

The dreams of a deep blue iPhone 7 crush with the rumor speculating that it would be black whether glossy, matte or even both. But until Apple announces formally about what they are coming with and what they are releasing next week, we are not sure.


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