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When is iPhone 7 Coming Out? Speculations and Rumors


Apple is preparing to release its next-generation iPhone by the month of September, and with a launch date approaching that quickly, information about the new device have been dropping at an enough fast rate. Just like most iPhone launches, we have seen some reports that have given us a solid take a look at what we can anticipate seeing when is iPhone 7 coming out.

Apple usually launches the new iPhone in September at a big occasion, and although rumors regularly pop up that it’ll show up earlier or later, the new iPhone usually comes out right on schedule every fall.

If you wish to know when is iPhone 7 coming out? or all the other new inbound features? You’ve come to the best spot. It could be a valuable change this year, as the iPhone 6S was quite underwhelming because it did not bring anything fantastic aside from elegant new 3D Touch innovation.

The latest consideration from Apple fanatic John Gruber and Mark Gurman from Bloomberg is that Apple will hold an occasion on September 7 to launch the iPhone 7. According to some exceptional leaks, Apple is anticipated to begin the pre-orders for the iPhone 7 on September 9.

When is iPhone 7 Coming Out?

Apple stays on a schedule, and the last couple of iPhones have actually all been released in the month of September. Fall is also perfect for the iOS 10 to be due. It just makes good sense for September.


iPhone 7

There’s now additional evidence pointing in that instructions too, with reliable reporter asserting that it will be released throughout the week of September 12. The reporter followed that up with more accurate information – saying it will be ready for pre-order on 9th of September and available at the stores on September 16.

That recommends the announcement will happen at some point in the week of September 5, so we shouldn’t have long to wait. If Apple follows its typical schedule, we’re most likely to be looking at September 6 or 7. And yes, we’ll also look for a back-to-school offer for a charges-free Beats headphone in case an iPhone 7 is revealed without a 3.5mm jack.

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