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iPhone 7 Concept with Big Home Button Integrated into Screen [Video]


While it’s hard to criticize Apple’s design concepts and choices, smaller bezels are something we would like to see in future iPhones and iPads, for that matter. The recent iPhone 6 Plus has got a fairly larger screen comparing to its competing devices with a 5.5-inch of screen size — such as the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 — simply because of the bezels around the display screens are large.

But in case of iPhones, the home button is the main cause that need a big amount of space on it’s display. In other previous rumors, we have showed you few concept design with larger display sizes for the upcoming iPhone 7.

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The concept discussed in this article also shows the home button integrated on the display screen not on the bezel. The home button after integrated in the display area allows more screen size on the structure of the device. The home buttons also integrates the Touch ID sensor in the screen itself.

Play the video below to see the realistic & beautiful iPhone 7 Concept.


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