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iPhone 7 Concept: Ellipse Like Shape With Curved Front And Back


Way before the release of iPhone 7, numerous design about iPhone 7 concept ideas have already hit the internet. You might have already seen a lot of other rumors, but the new iPhone 7 concept that this article is going to reveal is related to a patent that was filed by the tech giant to develop and launch with the release of iPhone 7 and is rather different to what has been evident with the previous iPhones.

A patent for iPhone 7 has lately uncovered that the company is working on a screen which is allegedly ellipse shaped and has curves on front and back. However, it is still unclear if it could be a possible feature of iPhone 7, the design will be the result of the patent if it happens. As clear in the picture, not only the edges of the screen are curved but the curves are surrounded across the front screen and also the back of the set.

iphone 7 concept-ellipse shaped

The concept design is the visualization of Mesut G Designs who is a designer and has conceptualized a number of other phones as well. For instance, you may have seen some of his designs related to the upcoming Samsung phone Samsung Galaxy S7. The latest iPhone 7 concept design by the very designer portrays a slim phone with the screen stretching across the device’s front. The bezels across the top and bottom of the display have also minimized.

On the converse, there is an unassuming back camera and dual speakers when the speakers are also added to the bottom edge. Since the flat sides are absent, you may be able to see that the volume buttons are removed and rather there is a virtual volume button on the left of the screen. Apple users will also witness that there is no home button in the iPhone 7 concept.


Check out the video below which will further let you understand the iPhone 7 concept through graphics and visuals.


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