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iPhone 7 Concept With iOS 10 – A Step Beyond Limits [Video]


The Apple’s new product, which is iPhone 7 Concept with iOS 10 is going to cross all limits in features and specs. Now the iOS 10 is another master plan or master feature of the coming Apple’s product, which will leapfrog all the other smartphones which will be launched within the time period of this giant. We have encountered many kinds of rumors with respect to the coming iPhone 7 and, this time, it is about the iOS of the masterpiece.

As we all know that the iPhone 7 is coming will the all new design and features. This device will blow all the critics minds and their thinking that what Apple has done this time. According to the latest reports the new iOS 10 in iPhone 7 will introduce some new technologies and features which can be seen in the preview. The iPhone 7 concept with iOS 10 is surely a great step forward by Apple to lead down their competitors. This device will have an LED display with no phone screen ratio that means there will be screen all over with no home button. This concept includes the best features till now.

iPhone 7 Concept with iOS 10

iPhone 7 Concept with iOS 10 – Tapping and innovation

The iPhone 7 concept with iOS 10 includes the tapping feature. This means if you double tap the screen, the phone will go to sleep and if you do it again then the screen will wake up. The iOS 10 allows the users to customize their favorite applications and stick them on their home page. Moreover, they are also enabled to change the sizes of different icons and their styles as well.

The home button is integrated into the screen in such a way that when you turn on the device from sleep, it disappears so that it may not disturb while your work. One more thing you can also use that home button as your scroll bar and scroll the pages and pictures over the full wider display on LED. So, it’s for sure that Apple’s coming product is a heavy machine which will leapfrog another device with its features, elegant design, and specifications.


Watch the video which shows beautiful iPhone 7 Concept with iOS 10:


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