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iPhone 7 Concept of Mirror Finish Design


There are a lot of news revolving around about the new iPhone 7, 7 plus for example about their features, release date and much more. As it has a lot of new features. iPhone 7 concept reinterpret two major iPhone features.

iPhone 7 Home button

Apple introduces video features a slim iPhone 7 that is generally similar to the current iPhone 6. Yet the device would purportedly carry a Home button that sport both a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and support for other gestures and motions, like horizontally swiping through home screens or menus. In upcoming future, Apple may pack such Home buttons that have the capability of supporting reliable motion and gestures for the actions to move around the internet etc.

We showed you one silly iPhone 7 concept at a certain time, but the next one, provided by Jermaine Smith, is on the other side of this broad range. It doesn’t bring out radical, but rather an incredible design language for the next iPhone, building strongly on the current design hints alternatively. As you can see in the video below, the graphics artists have tried to solve Apple’s screen-to-body ratio puzzle by making the home key a little smaller, on the other hand holding its signature round shape, plus the edges have been reduced in size as a whole. The apparently move desirable screen-to-body ratio would be a pleasant change, and the mirrored finish on the back recommended a new premium material for the housing.

iphone 7 concept

There is an another iPhone 7 concept i.e. iPhone 7 abstraction is fitted with USB Type-C connector, and a 16 MP camera with optical image stabilization, although both of these are not likely to happen, knowing Apple’s typical upgrade agenda. The iPhone 7 will probably keep the 12 MP sensor from the 6s, possibly only adding an OIS system to it, plus the trademark Lightning connector looks to be here to stay for a long time. Another marvelous development is the AMOLED display listing, which, according to analysts, will be an aspirin thinking for an iPhone at least for the next few years. That’s still a concept, however, and beautifully depicted at that, so anything goes before the iPhone 7 becomes a reality.



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