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iPhone 7 Concept Showing Edge to Edge Screen With Notifications [Video]


Hasan Kaymak is a talented and young designer who has illustrated some of the iPhone 7 concepts. The video tells us about his visualization related to iPhone 7 concept with edge to edge screen. With the introduction of iPhone 7, Apple Inc. will finally get rid of the screen bezels. Along with this, a few other changes in the design are also expected. The designer has given quite a few concept illustrations about the upcoming phone, more than any other designer in the industry.

The video will exemplify how and why Apple will be implementing an edge to edge display in iPhone 7. Here, you will see a form factor which is similar to the one as seen in iPhone 6. The set will be having a full aluminum chassis, without the presence of those not-so-good-looking plastic lines near the rear called the antenna cutouts. It is expected that more holes will be seen near the bottom now because the speakers are mounted at the bottom in order to achieve 6mm waistline.

Evidently, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the iPhone 7 will be able to show notifications on the curved edge of the display. Yes, the news is right, the display is going to have curved sides and Apple has reportedly already got the patents related to the curved screen. Here, the curve is too discrete and it is suggested that Apple should use a resilient aluminum in order to get rid of any Bendgate problems while having edge to edge displays.



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