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iPhone 7 Concept Shows Bezel-Less Design And iOS 10


Just after the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s plus, people are looking forward to the new features being brought to the iPhone 7 concept which is going to be released in September of the next year. Customers are anticipating iPhone 7 concept with something new which is not being introduced in its previous iPhones but what could else be different brought to iPhone 7 concept.

Bezel-Less Design

This thing never stops designers to build up new iPhones using their own innovative and unique ideas as the YouTube videos clearly shows the preparation of apple in bringing out their new iPhone 7 concept. The concept with Bezel-Less Design for the upcoming iPhone 7 looks really very good.When you switch on the device, the lock screen fills the whole display. You can swipe up to show the Control Center. Once you unlock your device, iOS will make the black bezels around it. Although it is an unusual impact, however still makes sense if Apple guide into another form. This version of iOS still has an advantage of extra space on Phone 7.

iphone 7 concept

This will make its user get rid of the Home button. But before that, we just have to wait for this new feature till the next year. The concept shows the display under a physical Home button, but we are still not sure if this is actually possible especially if Apple keeps it Touch ID sensor to this iPhone 7 concept.

iPhone 7 concept


The design of iPhone 7 is kept as same as iPhone 5 and 5s as its flat edges go very well with the bezel-less body. This may seem to be nothing like new but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a fun to look at. You will surely like it if you have a quick look of the video uploaded on YouTube.


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