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iPhone 7 Concept Shows Premium Design and New Features [Video]


Although there’s plenty of time in iPhone 7 design confirmation and release date but the designers have already started sharing their concepts about how the next iPhone should look like. This time a Netherlands-based designer, Farahi has unveiled a new idea design that might just be the most beautiful we’ve seen to date — for the iPhone 7 design.

The device’s visual appearance might be credited to both user-friendly changes, including repositioned volume buttons away from the power button, and an enthusiastic eye for design: particularly with removing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ antenna stripes. The render’s deficiency of bold color options would not be appealing to many, but the design’s true premium look is so good to be true.

Besides its visual appeal, additionally, there are some solid tips for improving for the iPhone’s functionality, together with a lens that only protrudes when the digital camera app is opened, stereo audio in landscape mode and wireless charging using the device’s back. The iPhone 7 would also conform to exactly how its owner interacted with it.

Check out the video below:



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