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The iPhone 7 Concept Shows The Smarter Version Coming in 2015


The iPhone 6 is probably the world’s best smartphones but there is always room for improvement. As we’ve noted before, an area where Apple could actually take inspiration from LG’s newest smartphones where LG maximizes its devices’ display space while eliminating all the extra area surrounding the display as much as possible.

Business Insider has gained some early “iPhone 7” concept drawings from Serbian engineer Nikola Cirkovic that report how much space Apple can save in its displays on future iPhone models.

Basically, the proposed “iPhone 7” uses far less space at the both upper and lower part of the display and Cirkovic appears to have shrunk the device’s iconic home button somewhat to slip to leave a bigger display in a smaller space. Along side its bezels, which Apple has been consistently shrinking from the time that the launch of your 1st-generation iPhone, also seem slimmer.


They write that Cirkovic also proposes having more sensors packed into the device so users can rely less on pushing buttons which lets the device do a lot of other work for the users.


“The sensors will have the capacity to tell whether the iPhone is in your wallet or placed on the table,” the publication explains. “If it’s in pocket, the screen will be locked. If the phone is placed on flat surface, the screen will automatically activate.”

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